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Sound Doctrine Preacher Directory and Train One Million Pastors Project is the global sound doctrine and leadership training efforts by the Global Pastors Leadership Network, Inc. (GPLN). The primary goal of GPLN is to train and equip pastors worldwide to live, preach and teach sound doctrine.

The purpose of this site is three fold:

Number One: It is a directory of preachers who have met certain biblical standards in principle. Every preacher listed on this site has read the GPLN Sound Doctrine Preachers Pledge, agreed to uphold the Bible as the infallible word of GOD and have expressed the willingness to preach the word, the Bible, according to the principles of “sound doctrine.”

Number Two: This site presents sound doctrine lectures and leadership conferences, advanced religious leadership lectures, religious certificates, religious degrees through our relationship with religious universities, and other pastoral educational resources for training and equipping pastors and Christians around the world.

Number Three: Sounddoctrinepreacher.directory and trainonemillionpastors.com is the official sites of GPLN. It provides GPLN conferences and other related information.


Before using this site and joining our directory, please, read our terms and conditions. There are no ownership rights conferred, no warranty or guaranty implied or expressed by this site and the management. It is a non-profit religious educational site for training pastors and Christians on the Bible, the Word of GOD

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The Preachers Pledge

I will read my Bible every single day of my life. I will live it, teach it to my spouse and children, and then teach it to the world. 2 Tim. 2:15; Deut. 6; Ezra 7:10.

I will make the Bible my primary resource in sermon preparation and preaching. 2 Tim. 3:16

I understand that church members are not mine, they are GOD’S sheep purchased by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST. As a result, my job is to teach and live the Bible before them, love them unconditionally, and release them to GOD WHO owns and controls them. Psalms 24:1; Acts 20:28

When I stand in the pulpit, I will come prepared with the Bible, yield to the HOLY SPIRIT, and strive to accurately understand and honestly proclaim GOD’S WORD. 1 Cor.1:18-25


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Benefits of Sound Doctrine Preacher

The Benefits of Free Registration in the Directory 

  • International Recognition from reputable international leaders
  • International certificate and identification card at reasonable fees
  • Demonstrates that you have Scriptural balance and standards at least in principle
  • Opportunity to receive International Affirmation Ministry License after verification at additional reasonable fee

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